What is SEO

What is – SEO

So you have created a website but nobody is seeing it. Even when you search keywords that are relevant to your business you are scrolling through pages of the search engine in order to find your company. This means that your online presence needs to be improved through SEO.  What is SEO? SEO – also […]

Locating google search console

How to choose the right keywords for Google Ads and SEO

Keywords for Google Adwords and SEO Introduction So, you are looking for ways to increase traffic to your website, sales on your e-commerce store, or raise awareness to your potential customers, but how do you make yourself visible to them? Maybe after developing your website, you assumed that Google would handle the rest and that visitors […]

7 Steps to Writing a Marketing Plan

The 7 Steps to Writing a Successful Marketing Plan

Have you been looking to build more awareness around your business? Creating a strong marketing plan can help you reach your business goals and organize your marketing needs. It can be intimidating to write a marketing plan, but without one you may completely miss the goals you wanted to achieve through marketing. Choosing not to […]


Google Analytics WordPress Setup for Beginners

Google Analytics Introduction Google Analytics is an important piece to any digital marketing strategy. You might have the coolest looking landing page with the latest widgets installed, but does any of this matter if your website is never seen by anyone? Are your visitors engaging with your website, or are they bouncing (leaving the page […]

5thT puts $400,000 into the Community

This past year the 5thT Innovation Group had partnered with Community Works, a non-profit financial organization, to provide business loans across the Grand Strand. The loans that the Innovation Group provide range from express loans at $5,000 to small business loans at $250,000. These loans can be used for numerous things from paying for start-up […]

North Myrtle Beach starts business incubator to attract entrepreneurs

The North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce is trying to get more entrepreneurs to open up in the city. The North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce is creating what’s called a business incubator. It provides resources and office space to help entrepreneurs start a business. The business incubator will be called the North Myrtle Beach Innovation […]