5thT puts $400,000 into the Community

This past year the 5thT Innovation Group had partnered with Community Works, a non-profit financial organization, to provide business loans across the Grand Strand. The loans that the Innovation Group provide range from express loans at $5,000 to small business loans at $250,000. These loans can be used for numerous things from paying for start-up costs to everyday business operating costs.

This loan program is beneficial for business owners because both of our Innovation Centers work with the clients to make sure they are organized as a business and have long-term plans for their business written within business plans and marketing plans. If the applicant is approved for the loan, our staff at the centers also schedule follow-up meetings with loan clients to ensure success for their business.

We are proud to announce that the 5thT Innovation Group has granted $400,000 to businesses in the Grand Strand. We hope to continue to grow this number as more awareness is brought to businesses in South Carolina about this loan program that is offered. If you or someone you know may benefit from a small business loan please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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